How To Build a Finite State Machine (FSM) with Swift (Pt. 2)

In the previous post, the FSM we designed was based on actually two distinct protocols. One for the states and the other one for the delegate. »

How To Build a Finite State Machine (FSM) with Swift

Yes, I admit, I ♥ Swift. Currently, I'm working on a game. For the AI of this game, I decided to use Finite State Machines (FSMs). This »

Swift Closure / Lambda with Substitution Variables

Remember Objective-C, where you can use filteredArrayUsingPredicate on a NSArray in conjunction with a NSPredicate? Then you also remember, that it is possible to use substitution »

Collision Detection with Rectangles in SpriteKit

At the moment, I'm on a game. And I've read several posts about the do's and dont's when it comes to game design. The game is »

Swift 1.2 fails to initialize my class hierarchy (is it a bug?) Update: it is!

Yesterday, I happily upgraded Xcode to the latest beta featuring Swift 1.2 for which I'm full of excitement. Migrating the code of my current project »